Congratulations to the winners of 2015

New Timesheet Online

We changed the timesheet a little bit due to the fact that Intemperate can't play the last day!

Here is the new timesheet: 


BPL Summer 2014 - Congratulations to the Winners

BPL Summer 2014 - Fieldlayout Day 3

BPL Summer 2014 - Day 2

With a small delay we have now the results and the overall ranking online!


Also you find some pictures on Facebook!




Overall Ranking




Thanks to all Teams who participated and a special Thanks to the guys from Bitburg Elysium who run the day even when I was not on place!


Greetz Mike

BPL Summer 2014 - Fieldlayout Day 2

BPL Summer 2014 - Day 1

The results of the first BPL Leg are online as well as the overall ranking!


The Pictures you find on Facebook! Here the links:




Overall Ranking




Happy to see ya all back on second leg on 22/06/2014!


Greetz Mike

BPL Summer 2014 - All Infos Online

All infos regarding Fieldlayout and Timesheets are online now!






And here the official statement for the shedule changing in 2014!




On Sunday we start the summer season! Sorry for the late information flow but we had some change to do and this is the reason why you het info so late!


The times for sunday are:


Opening Field: 07h30

Captainsmeeting: 08h30

First Game: 09h00


We also have some exiting change for the shedule format, more infos will follow by the timesheet for the season!


Fieldlayout will be Bitburg 2014 of the Millennium Series!


We are happy that the season restart finally and hope to see you all back next sunday!



BPL Crew

BPL SUMMER 2013 - Congratulations to the winners

1st Place - Straight Mechernich

2nd Place - Extazy

3rd Place - XXX Factory

Fieldlayout Day 5 Online

Fieldlayout Day 4 Online - Check it out

Results and Overall Ranking online now!!

The results and the overall ranking are online right now! Check it out! Thanks to all Teams participated in this HOT weather and see ya in one month!

Fieldlayout Day 3 Online


After the long day on first day we decided to play from the second day in the same system like the Millennium Series, so in blocks from two games in same time! By this system two teams played during the break time from the first game of this block!

Fieldlayout Day 2 Online!

Fieldlayout for BPL Leg 2 is online now! Don't forget that we propose to BPL Teams Open Training Day this Sunday from 10h00 - 17h00! Special Conditions for all BPL Teams (infos sended to Teamcaptains)!

Welcome to the new website of the Belgian Paintball League!!

Here you will find in the future all news about the BPL Summer 2013 and of course about some other partner events! Stay tuned